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The Cruzin Cruzer club, formerly known as Coryell County Pickups Unlimited, held its first show on the Coryell County Train Depot parking lot with only 22 entries. At the time, there was no fee for entry because the members weren’t sure how a car show would go over in Gatesville.

After the first show and the arrival of more members to the club, the second endeavor charged a $15.00 entry fee. All award plaques were hand crafted by the members, dash plaques with the logo of the show were given out, and entrants received t-shirts. Then the club members held car washes sponsored by local businesses for start up cash the next year.

As the show grew it was moved to Fuant Le Roy Park and held for 2 days straight. The show began to include games, a movie night at the Last Drive-In Picture Show, and a parade through the town for citizens to enjoy. Door prizes are donated by various businesses to be given to entrants at each show. Money for future shows and contribution are gained through food and t-shirt sales.

As a nonprofit organization, the Cruzin Cruzers donate to several charities as well as extremely ill car show members and community citizens.

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